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Clients Speak

CEO, McKibbon Hotel Group, Inc.
“Our company has built 55 hotels over the last 17 years. No contractor has performed better than Kellogg & Kimsey.”

President, North Point Hospitality Group, Inc.
“Your team kept our best interests in mind during the entire project making our goals their goals. I also enjoyed the commitment level from the Kellogg & Kimsey principals and your accessibility. I am glad to recommend your outstanding firm to anyone looking for a GC that knows hotels and makes the construction process as easy as possible.”

Senior Vice President, InterContinental Hotels Group
“Your team gets it. You have embraced the ethos of Hotel Indigo and brought it to life! That’s a rare contractor that is able to grasp a brand story, improve it, and deliver a first class building. We look forward to the opportunity to refer Kellogg & Kimsey to many franchisees in the future.”

Chairman & CEO, Wesley Hospitality Hotels & Resorts
“Every effort was made to reduce the cost of our project while maintaining the level of quality desired. I’m aware that the subcontractors in your local builders exchange named Kellogg & Kimsey ‘Contractor of the Year’ for the excellent way you conduct your business with them on the jobsites.”

Marriott Opening Training Specialist
“This project has been in amazing shape since the day I arrived!!! From both a construction shape and operations state they have been ready since day one…honestly it is by far the best opening that I have walked in to this year, and definitely one of the best ever! I cannot recall a single time in three years that I felt comfortable asking an opening manager to move the sell date to the opening date upon my arrival (if that says anything)! GREAT CREW, GREAT HOTEL!”

AIA Vice President of Development, McKibbon Hotel Group, Inc.
“Not only have you lived up to everything you “sold us,”  but have performed beyond our expectations. Kellogg & Kimsey has been a partner in the truest sense of the word. The Marriott representative stated that Kellogg & Kimsey projects are in the top tier of projects they have seen in the last year in cleanliness, organization, and quality of workmanship. I recommend Kellogg & Kimsey to others who are looking for a professional construction firm that possesses these unique qualities.”

Development Manager, OTO Development
“Thanks – If all my GCs were as good as you I could manage 50 projects at a time.”

Manager General Partner, Hotel Associates of Sarasota, Ltd.
“It was a pleasure working with your firm on the renovation and ballroom addition at The Hyatt Sarasota. It is certainly a challenge remodeling a building of this complexity while our facilities remain in operation. Your team was superb in maintaining the construction schedule, coordinating the subcontractors, and interacting with our staff in such a way that caused minimum disruption to our guests.”

Director of Operations, McKibbon Hotel Management, Inc.
“In 2007 McKibbon Hotel Management had the pleasure of working with Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. to build our 119 room Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Ft. Myers, Florida. I had, prior to this hotel, worked with seven different General Contractors on prior builds. It was ever so refreshing to meet and experience the level of commitment, professionalism, honesty, and service that Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. provided from beginning to end on all of our jobs. As a management company representative, our emphasis is on the finishing part of the job. Opening dates, FFE installs, curb appeal, coordination around opening teams, and the myriad of additional details that surface two months from opening date that are owner adds, changes, or wants. I was so pleased to say that the way in which this team handled that pressure was exemplary. The onsite team of Rick, Jerry, and Chris Foutz were on top of every detail and gave us nothing but 120% of effort in getting the hotel open on time and guests-ready. To make the urgency even more intense on this opening, the Marriott opening franchise representative asked if we did not mind if he invited two VIP representatives from the A & C Division of Marriott to observe the final details coming together. This was a challenge I knew we were up for and felt very comfortable, knowing that K&K would excel. Needless to say, they were blown away. The final day of opening Marriott walked every inch of the hotel and determined that they had zero operational and construction items to be added to our opening attachment and contract. This, I must say, is a very impressive achievement and is not easily attained. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kellogg & Kimsey and I look forward to working side by side with such a class act in the near future. I highly recommend this team for their excellence in service and in quality.”

Director of Franchise Design & Construction, Hilton Worldwide
“I wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic job the Kellogg & Kimsey team did building the new six-story Hampton Inn & Suites in Savannah, Georgia, which also included a 75,000 sf parking garage. Working with your firm on the front end of your last Hilton Garden Inn and now this project, I have been impressed by the entire organization. Having worked with many contractors on over the years, Kellogg & Kimsey distinguished itself as one of the best GC’s I have worked with. I was particularly impressed with the strength and attention to detail of your project management team. Your Project Manager and Superintendents knew the plans, specs, and Hilton brand requirements inside out. That was evident from my communication with them and the readiness of the hotel on each inspection I made. The only adjustment that I could find that needed to be made during construction was moving a pair of sconce lights over a few inches. Not only was your team knowledgeable, but very professional and easy to work with. At the end of the project, the project looked great with a high level of finishes. I wish all of my projects went as smoothly and looked as impressive. I recommend your firm wholeheartedly to others who are looking for a proactive, professional, and knowledgeable hospitality construction firm. I look forward to our next project together.”

President, Lion Hotel Group
“I would like to express our thanks to the team at Kellogg & Kimsey for an outstanding job in providing pre-construction and construction services for our Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Coast. You were an excellent partner with the architect during design and suggesting and evaluating the most cost-effective construction materials and methods. Also, our joint visit to the Hilton office in Memphis early in the project gave Hilton, as well as us, confidence that we would benefit from orderly submittal and design and construction processes. Throughout the project, communication and follow-up was conducted in a professional and responsive manner. Issues were met head on, candidly discussed, and followed though successfully. Budgets were accurate and we appreciated the substantial shared savings that resulted from your active management of the subcontractors. Now that we are operating, your warranty department has been first class as well. During the project we observed you to be solid and honorable as a firm and group of individuals. We will not hesitate to use Kellogg & Kimsey again when we have that opportunity and can comfortably recommend you to others.”

Sam Snead’s
“This is just a brief letter to thank you for all the great work in the build out of our restaurant Sam Snead’s Tavern in Sarasota, Florida. Restaurants are somewhat a “different animal” when it comes to construction, and from beginning to end Kellogg & Kimsey exceeded our expectations. The final test came when the management team arrived and stated how everything was complete and business friendly.”

Construction Manager, Old Navy (Gap Inc.)
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. for their excellent work. I found Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. to be very knowledgeable of the unique challenges involved in retail construction. The team of professionals assigned to our project was extremely organized and conscientious of both scheduling and budget. It is my pleasure to recommend Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. for any upcoming retail projects.”

Supervisor Construction Services, Michaels
“We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a job well done. The punch list at the end of the schedule was minimal and cosmetic in nature and was completed in a timely manner. Your company’s professional attitude and concern for the customer was portrayed to Construction Manager Mark Davis and to our construction staff, exemplifying the work ethic of your company.”

Development Manager, Barnes & Noble Booksellers
“Since we started working together in 1993, your firm has completed over 50 (fifty) stores with me personally. This letter is to pass on congratulations in “surviving” the changing prototypical growth of this company. Barnes and Noble Real Estate & Construction, as represented by myself as Development Manager, wish to express appreciation for the consistent quality and responsiveness of your company. I attribute a good part of my own success and survival (!!!) to your excellent team members. I have a great deal of confidence in your superintendents and Project Management Staff. We have met some “unreal” scheduling challenges and some “tough” budget constraints on some of these projects, but your company has always managed to meet the goals. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship in the coming years as we expand into new markets.”

Development Manager, Barnes & Noble, Inc.
“Over the many years, while working as the leading General Contractor for Barnes & Noble, Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. has developed quite a wonderful reputation. The single biggest reason I enjoy working with Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. is that your company goes above and beyond the call of duty in taking care of its clients. The efforts your project managers and your superintendents put forth on difficult issues ranging from coordinating with landlords and their shell construction to difficult permit and inspector issues in tough states, are surpassed by no other contractor. You guys do a super job at evaluating the situation and offering ideas which assist in keeping us within our budget and on schedule. I truly appreciate all the work you guys have done for me and Barnes and Noble, Inc.”

New Store Facilities Manager, Barnes & Noble, Inc.
“I have been New Store Facilities Manager for Barnes & Noble, Inc. since 2002 and in those eight years I have worked with Kellogg & Kimsey on multiple projects in the pursuit of resolution of warranty issues during the standard one-year warranty period. Kellogg & Kimsey has always been timely in their response and diligent in the resolution of warranty issues. Kellogg & Kimsey has built dozens of big box stores on our behalf; both ground up and tenant finish out projects. They have performed this work for us in many states throughout all regions the country. There have been few problems getting response from sub contractors and Kellogg & Kimsey has always “stepped up” on the few occasions where there have been problems. I have worked closely with Barb in the warranty response department and found her to be knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and willing to escalate a call when necessary. I work with about a half dozen general contractors in any given year. Kellogg & Kimsey is always a name that I am pleased to see on the project report because I know I can count on them to respond to my warranty needs in a timely manner and that the problem will always be resolved quickly.”

Director of Construction, Dick’s Sporting Goods
“We all have our favored GC’s based on their performance, level of quality, completeness and timeliness of pay applications, change order process, and LOW maintenance! K&K is one of my favored GC’s for these same reasons. What I find healthy about this company is that they do make mistakes but what sets them apart is how quickly and seamless they respond to correct. No twisting of arms. No trying to make them understand why something can not remain, etc. We each get bombarded with requests from GC’s to be used and our best approach is still hearing about performance through networking with similar retailers. I don’t recommend often but would recommend K&K.”

Senior Construction Manager, Ross Stores, Inc.
“I am writing to you in appreciation of a job well done. Your assistance and attention to detail during the construction of our new Ross Dress for Less in Destin, Florida, was first class. I had just finished several projects in the eastern region with nothing but problems with the landlords and contractors and was not looking forward to another difficult site. Your professional staff made the project successful. With minimal construction punch list items and timely final occupancy approvals, the project was well-run. I would be very supportive in offering my professional recommendations regarding your construction services.”

Senior Project Manager, Bed Bath & Beyond
“I have been engaged in big-box retail design and construction for several years and have had the good fortune of working with Kellogg & Kimsey on several projects with different retail companies. I found Kellogg & Kimsey to be highly experienced and very adaptable in the fast-paced and unpredictable world of retail construction. Kellogg & Kimsey’s entire organization, from the senior management to project managers, field superintendents, and support staff all worked together as integral members of my development team to deliver the best possible project on time and on budget. Our goals became their goals. It would be my pleasure to highly recommend this fine organization for any retail construction projects you may have.”

Construction Project Manager/Southeast, Bed Bath & Beyond
“I would like to take a moment to thank your team for a job well done. Retail construction is an ever-changing animal. It continues to evolve as long as the store remains unopened, and the planning and operations departments can think of different ways to display merchandise. This constant evolution can wreak havoc on a construction schedule and not to mention the budget. Charlie and David were tenacious in pursuit of the goals we set for them, even though the rules of the game were repeatedly changed. I will wholeheartedly recommend your firm to any future clientele.”

Special Projects Manager, Best Buy
“Just thought I should let you know about the outstanding performance I’ve experience by your company this year. The Splash and Dash remodeling projects, which I organize, went very well. On several occasions I’ve received praise from members of my team about the efficiency and professionalism displayed by Kellogg & Kimsey.”

Project Manager, Best Buy
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our last two Best Buy projects. The new ground up construction in Florence, Alabama, and the take over building in Fayetteville, Arkansas, enabled me to witness your strengths in coordination and communication skills. Your attention to details produced two trouble-free projects for me. Not only did these projects complete on time, but also under budget. Now that the stores are open, I want to express my gratitude for your continual follow-through and response to warranty issues. The constant professional attitude and efforts are greatly appreciated by our Retail Facilities group and myself.”

Vice-President, 3rd Works, LLC, (retail development services):
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Kellogg & Kimsey for their outstanding performance to complete this project (Barnes & Noble Ohio State College Bookstore) on time. It was a difficult job with multiple challenges, but Les and Mike and their team of subs worked with us to overcome each one.

The challenges included:
“The location of the site in a congested downtown area did not allow for available parking of the construction workers, so arrangements had to be made to transport them in. Your team also did a great job coordinating all construction and merchandise deliveries with our on site team due to the lack of available staging area.

“Your team allowed the Owner’s core and shell GC to work side by side with you in your space. I know that doing so creates additional challenges but that cooperation on your part benefited all parties since it allowed the store to open on schedule in a project that had many scheduling challenges.

“With the beginning of the fall semester as an opportunity to capture large retail sales, the grand opening date was critical. I know that your team put in an unusually large number of hours working many weekends to make this happen. We appreciate the dedication and outstanding effort.

“Acting as Tenant Coordinators, we (as well as our clients) experience less risk during the grand opening of a new shopping center when retailers select team players like Kellogg & Kimsey to deliver the tenant build out. We enjoyed working with Kellogg & Kimsey on this project and would not hesitate to recommend your firm to others looking for an excellent retail contractor.”

President, Ed Lee, LLC
“From the beginning, your firm has been an excellent partner in protecting our interest. Due to internal project due dates, we asked you to price the project with only 75% drawings and went to contract. It was critical to hold that pricing once the 100% permit set was completed and we were extremely pleased that you were able to do so. Your expert hospitality and Marriott knowledge as well as subcontractor relationships were major contributors in this regard. During construction, change orders were kept to a minimum. The field team has been very competent and proactive. This project not only included two separate hotels for a total of 400 rooms with shared amenities, but also required additional interaction with Seaworld personnel, since the project included several themed components. Given the project will be managed by Marriott, they have made multiple inspections and Don Nagl of Marriott has been exceptionally pleased. I highly recommend your firm to others looking for a professional contractor that will deliver on commitments made, and look forward to our next project together.”

Senior Vice President, C & S Commercial Properties, Inc.
“Best guys you could ever talk to for hotels, apartments and retail. Straight forward and fun to work with. If you ever get a chance to do something with them, they will make your life easy. Just get out of their way and they will bring your projects in on budget and on time. I have backpacked and surfed with the owners that are great to know socially as well as business.”

Vice President of Development, C&S Commercial Properties
“Kellogg & Kimsey has proven over the last three projects that we have done that they can meet budgets, deliver on time, and most importantly deliver a quality project. The firm and all the associates that I have had contact with have not only shown considerable knowledge of the construction industry, but have shown considerable character in their dealings with people. Your company has enabled me to spend less time worrying about construction and spend more time focusing on getting deals put together. I value the relationship and look forward to the next project with Kellogg & Kimsey.”

Senior Project Manager, Resource Technology Management, Inc.
“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with Kellogg & Kimsey. I work with several new build projects a year coordinating low voltage installs and overseeing the owner contractor during the install process. I work closely with the on-site general contractor to make sure the cabling and conduit are completed in a timely manner. I found your field staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and willing to go the extra mile to make the installs as seamless as possible. Most field staff isn’t so willing when it comes to the owners contractors.”

President / Owner, Commitment Construction Corporation
“I had the pleasure of working with your company recently on the TownePlace Suites in Tampa, Florida. My job is to inspect the hotel guestrooms and create a list of items that need completion by all contractors/sub-contractors. Its’ no easy task for the contractor, nearing the end of the project with a million things to do, to have me show up with a list of items that need to be accomplished for the guestrooms to be ready. I have found that the best contractors are the ones who embrace this process and use it as a tool to finish the guestrooms for Opening Day. All members on your project team were great to work with, but I have to single out John Hoffman. Not only was he very professional to work with but he was an upbeat and positive influence on everyone as we neared Opening Day. John put in endless hours and then went home to care for his children and wife who was experiencing a difficult pregnancy. I look forward to working on another project with Kellogg & Kimsey again.”

Development Manager, OTO Development
“Now that Kellogg & Kimsey has constructed several hotel properties for OTO Development, OTO would like to extend our appreciation. With each project, Kellogg & Kimsey has striven for continuous improvement and always achieved its goals. On our latest project, Kellogg & Kimsey was prepared to deliver the hotel two months ahead of schedule and under budget. The Kellogg team was able to achieve this record pace with very difficult geotechnical circumstances and a structural system that was new to OTO, Kellogg & Kimsey, and the structural engineer. Kellogg & Kimsey’s commitment to achieving excellence on the project was evident from the outset and carried through. In addition, the administrative support that Kellogg & Kimsey supplies before, during and after construction is excellent. The whole Kellogg & Kimsey team is dedicated to building a first class property and takes pride in turning over a quality building that everyone can be proud of for years to come.”

Director of Construction, LA Fitness
“Kellogg & Kimsey performs some of the highest quality construction work in the industry. From bidding, planning, scheduling, managing, through completion, Kellogg & Kimsey has proved to be professional, knowledgeable, and committed to providing us with a quality product at a competitive price. We don’t often see owners that get involved, but your concern and involvement along with your highly skilled team, both in the field and the office, is a vital part of this successful relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Kellogg and Kimsey.”

Senior Project Manager Nelsen Architects
“As you know, we design all of the locations for Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, so I have the opportunity to work with many general contractors around the U.S. Having just completed the Roy’s in Sarasota with our firm, and now working on the Fleming’s expansion in Tampa and Sarasota, I can say that Kellogg & Kimsey is one of the most professional and outstanding contractors I have worked with. The Roy’s was an extremely difficult project converting multiple existing office areas on the first floor of a four story building to the new restaurant. With renovation projects in older buildings such as this, you often find field conditions different than what was expected once areas are demolished. That was the case with this project, but your team was extremely responsive in helping us create an innovative, cost effective solution each time, and implemented them without extending the schedule. The excellent relationship your Project Manager and Superintendent had with the subcontractors made a tremendous difference in their effort and flexibility. I would recommend your firm to anyone who is looking for a responsive, client-driven contractor who will meet their opening date responsibilities. Your ability to travel successfully is a great asset as well for those who developing in multiple regions. I look forward to a continued relationship with Kellogg & Kimsey.”

Senior Pastor, Sarasota Baptist Church
“I wanted to express the church’s appreciation to Kellogg & Kimsey for the outstanding job you did on the two consecutive construction projects for us. It was evident in the interview process that Kellogg & Kimsey was ready to roll up its sleeves to work side by side with us to accomplish our goals for the projects. Amazingly, your final prices were very close to your to your preliminary budgets. I believe you were committed to keeping the costs within the budget as we were. The Proctor Road project began first and went very smooth from beginning to end. Kellogg & Kimsey really stepped up to the plate as the Lakewood Ranch project began when our architect for the project left the state and developed a real estate business with family. Not only did they go the second mile on a daily basis as we worked through the plans and developed many solutions for design issues, but you were a good steward of the church’s funds by keeping these changes to a minimum. I am pleased to recommend Kellogg & Kimsey without reservation and would be glad to speak with prospective clients to share our enthusiasm for your company.”

Owner’s Representative, Sarasota Baptist Church
“As we began this latest expansion over a year ago, we started the process by interviewing local contractors to determine which might be the best company for our project. We were also becoming aware of the volatility in the market place with regards to escalating material costs due to unprecedented growth and demands from foreign sources. It became clear to us that it was going to be necessary to work with a general contractor who would be willing to “step up” and work hard to help us achieve our budgetary goals. We have found that to be the case with Kellogg & Kimsey. They have continually shown a willingness to go the distance, to do the value engineering and extra effort required for this project.”

President/CEO of Sarasota Family YMCA, Inc.
“I am pleased to write this letter of reference and testimonial of our business contacts with Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. Our first contract was a complete renovation of a building to create a shelter for runaway, truant and abused children. Your company did this as a community service project only charging us for the cost of the project supervisor. In addition you helped us get most of the materials from local suppliers. Since then you have been our general contractor for the Evalyn Sadlier Jones YMCA Branch. This branch is a full family service branch with over 50,000 square feet. Later we had your company build our Selby Aquatic Center on the same site which includes a state-of-the-art 50 meter pool and building with covered seating and a water park facility. Our most recent project was the 65,000 square foot Berlin YMCA Branch on Euclid Avenue. Your company continues to give back to the Sarasota community as our corporate sponsor of our ranch facility for kids in foster care. You and your employees have donated services to improve this facility over the past 10 years, as well as outings for the kids. Your company “walks the talk” as an example of a great corporate citizen. I would be more than pleased to talk to anyone who needs a customer reference for your company.”

Vice President of Acquisitions & Development, Kelly Capital LLC
“Now that construction is well underway, we wanted to thank you and your staff for the great job you have done to make our entry into the Florida market much easier. From the first call we had, Kellogg & Kimsey has been exceptionally responsive to any requests that we made. As you know we purchased the property with construction plans and permits already in place. A critical part of making the project viable was your ability to help us utilize the existing plans and still bring the project in at an attractive cost. Your team did an excellent job of evaluating the existing plans with our staff and of generating a sizable list of potential cost saving ideas, many of which we accepted. We have also been impressed with your interaction with the architect and engineers to get their support for the ideas and changes. It’s nice to work with a contractor that is as good on the people side as on the technical side. When we considered entering this market, we did quite a bit of homework on general contractors. As we made our phones calls and visits, we found that your organization has a great reputation for delivering quality work in a timely and cost effective manner. The fact that the subcontractors in the local builders exchange voted Kellogg & Kimsey as the Contractor of the Year speaks volumes. We hope this is just the beginning of a long and mutually profitable relationship.”

Vice-President of Retail, Jones Lang LaSalle
“Our threshold is very simple from our various owners – cost and schedule. Our early negotiations with your firm were intended to find the correct value of the project. Not only were you competitive with the market, but when these projects evolve into more complex developments, and also a very compact matrix of events, it has been very fortunate that your firm performed both the shell and tenant work. I intend to use this format in our next ventures, as well as recommend your firm to any Owner and Tenant that wants to improve their ability to modify and expedite the construction process.”

Vice President, Properties Department, AmSouth Bank (Now Regions Bank)
“I am writing to express how pleased we are with the performance of Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc.,  in delivering a first class project for us. Overall communication and integration with the architect and our construction representatives, CB Richard Ellis, throughout the project was excellent. Your professional staff overcame all the challenges of this aggressive schedule which included owner scope changes, the delay of permanent power to the building by the power company due to the hurricane repairs, and completion during the holidays. An example of their “can-do” attitude was in the integration of portable A/C units when power was delayed so the necessary conditions for the installation of the finishes could be maintained to keep things moving. From management to the field, everyone at Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc., was easy to work with and all requests were handled with urgency.

With the importance of the branch and office, as well as matching the developer’s high standard for the entire building, we upgraded the amount/design of the millwork and other details/finishes. The work of your quality subcontractors exceeded our expectations and delivered a space that I was proud to hand over to our operations, who is my ultimate customer. I was also happy to see a very small punch list at the end of the project. The headache this prevents is invaluable. I would gladly refer, Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc., to others that would like to work with a fair, competent, and professional company.”

President, D’Agostino and Associates, Inc.
“Having worked with Kellogg & Kimsey on multiple projects, I have had a chance to see how you operate from estimating to the field to the office, and all areas have consistently exceeded my expectations. As you know I am very cost-conscious. I have appreciated the manner in which you have secured the best possible pricing in the sub market and then maintained the budget through construction. Another critical issue is schedule and all projects were brought in on time. The excellent relationship with your subs really helps in that regard. The efforts made by all of the people at Kellogg & Kimsey prove that the company truly believes in the team effort. Any issue was approached with a meaningful search for a workable solution. There was never a we-they attitude. It is not always easy to recommend a contractor, but I have no reservations in recommending K&K to others.”

President, The Paradise Group
“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your staff for the outstanding job Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. did in renovating our plaza for us. This type of work is an entirely different animal from ground up construction and your company understands the key factors for a successful project. When you have construction occurring around businesses that are continuing to operate, it is a true challenge to keep disruptions to a minimum, but you passed with flying colors. The job site was kept very clean, which was enjoyed by the existing tenants, but appreciated by our company as well since it reflected a good image for us since the location is a prominent corner in the city. As with other projects we have teamed on, the challenging schedule was met, even with the effects of the hurricane season we experienced. Last, but not least, communication with Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. was excellent, from the organized job site meetings to quick responses to special requests we made. We look forward to working together again soon and highly recommend you to others seeking a long term relationship with a first class general contracting firm.”

V.P. of Construction, Trademark Real Estate
“My personal business relationship with Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. spans over six  years. I have found Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc.’s approach to customer service to be refreshing. They provide a very professional project management team with excellent onsite supervision and experienced project managers, both led by highly ethical and motivated company ownership. Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc. has always, without fail, met every contractual obligation they have faced on any of the projects the have performed for me. ”

Development Manager
“The dust has cleared on the construction and the paperwork at the referenced project, and I want you to know what a good job your people have done. As an outsourced development manager, the intensity of my work is in direct proportion to the competence of consultants and contractors. With the exception of responding to prudent calls from Dave Pfeil or Chris Hick about uncovered hidden conditions, I could have slept through the construction on this project. Chris and Dave’s attention to detail, willingness to offer suggestions, flexibility, and owner-friendly attitudes saved our client’s project money, and reduced their exposure on several future maintenance items. And, they did this in our project time frame.”

Executive Director, G.WIZ
“Now that G.WIZ is officially open and we are welcoming thousands of visitors weekly, I want to thank Kellogg & Kimsey for the tremendous job you did in making this happen. In one voice, the public’s response to the building is “G.WIZ, this is phenomenal!” From the initial interviews to select a general contractor to the securing of our Certificate of Occupancy, I have been impressed with the level of commitment made by everyone from Kellogg & Kimsey who was involved in the project. The Project Manager, David Reed, kept the project on schedule and frequently responded to our requests for additional help when we needed to use the unfinished facility for events or tours for potential donors. Mike Fox, the on-site supervisor, could not have been better! He was on top of the project every minute, was able to keep the subcontractors on task and was responsive to our every request. The folks in your office, too, had answers to all our questions and were always prompt in getting information to us. Kellogg & Kimsey has exceeded our expectations on every aspect of the G.WIZ project.”

Sunrise, LLC
“It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I write this letter of reference and recommendation regarding our experience with your organization and the efforts of your employees at Kellogg & Kimsey. As you certainly know, the development and construction process can by a very complex and frustrating path. Our experience with Kellogg & Kimsey on the recently finished Sunrise Office Center project was, to the contrary, very pleasant and moving along as smoothly as could be hoped for. Your construction managers and superintendents continually handled themselves with complete professionalism, and time and time again went beyond the call of duty to ensure that the project was finished with great precision and that our tenant’s needs did not go unanswered. Based upon this experience, I look forward to working with Kellogg & Kimsey again on our future projects and would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.”

Senior Project Manager, Bayer Properties
“Bayer Properties has had the good fortune of working with Kellogg & Kimsey twice- once in Louisville, Kentucky, and once in Birmingham, Alabama. Both times they have provided excellent results, completing the work on time and on budget. In the case of Barnes & Noble in Louisville, they were able to turn around a project that was behind schedule and complete it on time, much to our satisfaction. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.”

Gregory Greenfield & Associates, Ltd.
“I am writing to you to express how pleased we are with the performance of Kellogg & Kimsey in delivering the Barnes & Noble store at Victor Valley Mall. Throughout the project your team demonstrated an ability to do whatever it takes to meet one of our primary objectives, namely opening several months ahead of schedule in time for the Holiday Shopping Season. You also successfully managed to coordinate contracting separately with both the owner and Barnes and Noble for the delivery of the building shell and fit-out, respectively. The project was a win-win for everyone and I will without hesitation use you for any one of our future projects.”

President, Architecture Plus International (API)
“I have worked with Kellogg & Kimsey on a number of other projects, as well, including several Barnes & Noble projects, another name you probably know well. The executives at Kellogg & Kimsey have formed a team that is second-to-none in the industry. They are responsible construction experts with a good reputation for professionalism and consistency. The bottom line: I highly recommend Kellogg & Kimsey.”